Finally, a doctor approved method to lose weight and reduce pain in 60 days without pills and surgery (even if you’ve failed other methods)!

Yes I want to join GoodFxn to help me lose weight, reduce pain, and improve my energy!

What is GoodFxn?

GoodFxn is a functional medicine and wellness program where we improve your nutrition and lifestyle patterns, effecting your gut health and inflammation, resulting in easier weight loss, reduced pain, and better energy.

How does the program work?

  • Your educational process is done via online content.
  • Your nutritional changes, including elimination diet, gut detox, and reincorporating food stages, are guided by a dedicated health coach.
  • Your highest quality supplements are created by Xymogen and delivered to you directly.
  • The program is digital based, you can access content and your health coach at your convenience.

How do we ensure that it works?

Your dedicated health coach is available to keep you on track with the program, answer your questions, and guide you through the dietary and lifestyle changes that you will make. The program is focused on accountability and getting you to a successful outcome.

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